Flying Shark 5.7 Classic

Flying Shark 5.7 Classic

Classic elegance with a modern twist
The Classic version is distinguished by a distinctive foredeck, offering an optional luggage compartment underneath. The boat is offered in four variants of cockpit arrangement. The standard layout includes two rows of quilted seats that fold out into a lounger. Alternative seating arrangements include L-shaped and U-shaped options with reversible front seats. Under the rear bench seat there are two generous luggage spaces and a space suitable for mounting a drawer fridge. Under the aft deck is a trunk that also serves as storage for the bimini.
The Flying Shark 5.7 series has been designed with the individual needs of each user in mind. Its multitude of layouts allows you to tailor a vessel to suit your needs. Primarily designed for electric propulsion, it stands out in terms of performance against the leading competitors and provides high performance with relatively low engine power.
The boat’s unique character is underlined with the use of high-quality materials such as carbon fibre and high-polished stainless steel. The warm shade of teak blends beautifully with the carefully selected shades of Espresso Black and Cup White gelcoats.
The Flying Shark 5.7 Classic features a self-draining cockpit, unsinkability provided by certified buoyancy blocks and is approved for 7 persons under Design Category D (6 persons under Design Category C).

Technical data

5.71 m
2.05 m
0.55 m
530 kg
GVW 1000-1300

Electric / Gasoline

12 kW
25 kW
50 kW
4 kWh
10 kWh
40 kWh
17 km/h
30 km/h
48 km/h
60 KM
90 KM
115 KM
60 L
90 L
115 L
50 km/h
63 km/h
75 km/h


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